DevOps consulting

Achieve faster time to market and continuous flow of value with DevOps

DevOps services help you adopt modern DevOps processes, integrate and automate tools and introduce practices that advance the way you define, develop and operate your enterprise applications. By embracing a set of DevOps practices which suite your needs, you will rapidly reduce your operational costs and achieve a faster time to market, while increasing the engagement and satisfaction of your customers.

DevOps consulting services are a key part of our services portfolio for enterprise and medium level customers. Our objective is to help you extract the maximum business value from your software development process.

Agile management and development practices will help you keep a constant eye on your user requirements and achieve end-to-end traceability. By establishing the continuous testing, continuous delivery and continues feedback cycle, you will better balance velocity and quality. You will deliver operations-ready software, which runs under the supervision of various production diagnostics tools.


Plan + Track


Develop + Test




Monitor + Learn



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Plan + Track

It starts with an idea - and a plan on how to turn this idea into reality.

Project Starts


Manage work

Track progress

Tools and Practices

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • Agile planning tools

  • Enterprise Collaboration

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Develop + Test

After the iteration starts, the developers turn great ideas into features and functionality.

Write code

Unit testing

Version control


Build verification

Tools and Practices

  • Version control and Code Reviews

  • Automated Build

  • Automated Tests

  • Tests as a part of the build process

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When all tests pass, the build is deployed to testing environments for each stage in the release process.

Automated functional testing environment

Integration testing environment

Pre-production environment

Staging environment

Tools and Practices

  • Release Management

  • Feature Flags

  • Containers

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Monitor + Learn

When all tests pass, the build is deployed to testing environments for each stage in the release process...



Tools and Practices

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • Continuous Delivery

  • Release Management

  • Usage Telemetry

Get the best from your new DevOps practices

The process of capturing clear and actionable requirements will become much easier and you will significantly reduce your requirements definition cycle time. This way, you will shorten your release cycles and deploy software that meets user and value expectations more precisely.

Our approach is fully based on your needs. The primary goal is to help you easily transition to the new environment with our technology experts that guide you through projects.

The comprehensive set of our services includes:

  • An assessment of your current environment

  • A proposal of the technical and strategic roadmap for improvement

  • Short and long term projections of benefits gained from the introduction of various levels of DevOps practices

  • Installation and customization of the TFS/VSTS tools and processes

  • Customized training and coaching suited for your management, development and operational roles

  • Scrum trainings by our professional trainers: Professional Scrum Foundations and Professional Scrum developer

  • Support and maintenance after deployment

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We help teams and enterprise organizations excel in Scrum. Our professional Scrum trainers are certified by the for providing trainings in two areas.

Professional Scrum Foundations

The course provides the foundational knowledge required for working practically with Scrum. During the 2-day course, participants will experience a combination of instruction and team-based exercises and learn how Scrum framework improves product development efforts.

The course is a perfect introduction, reboot or refresher to Scrum. It is intended for teams or anyone who wants to learn and adapt Scrum in their own company. After completing the course, the participants will have a basic knowledge of Scrum.

Professional Scrum Developer

During the 3-day course, the participants form a Scrum team where they deal with requirements from engineering, design, development, testing, integration, and deployment within a single iteration.

The course is intended for all members of a Scrum Development Team: architects, programmers, database developers, testers, or anyone with some technical knowledge. The key aspects of the course encompass the usage of technology to deliver software in increments.

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