Innovative products are at the core of the Ekobit Application Lifecycle Management portfolio. They represent our extensive experience in the fields of ALM, development efficiency, technology consulting, addressing both the customers’ business needs and their technology demands.


Innovative data masking platform that makes your data safe.

This solution designed to enable safe secondary usage of data collected by various production systems. With unparalleled flexibility in creating complex data masking configurations and numerous predefined data masking packages, BizDataX makes a perfect fit for data security-aware enterprises.

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Connect Outlook and TFS with TeamCompanion and manage your Application Lifecycle in the most efficient way possible.

For all Outlook and Team Foundation Server (TFS) users, TeamCompanion is a must-have tool that provides for better collaboration, efficient Agile Project Management and increased productivity in daily tasks.

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The EkoHROK client is an advanced solution for communicating with the Croatian Loan Payables Register (HROK) database.

This safe and scalable solution enables easier client access for banks to the central database – the Croatian Loan Payables Register (HROK). It is an independent web application that users can simply integrate into existing banking systems / applications.

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