The EkoHROK client is an advanced solution for bank access and communication with the Croatian Loan Payables Register (HROK) database. The aim of the EkoHROK application is to enable quick integration to Banks with the central database HROK.

The solution is based on the latest web technologies and is a fast, reliable and scalable and it works just as well for one as for several hundred users. It can be used as a separate web application, or simply be integrated into the existing banking systems and applications using the already built-in web services.

  • It allows banks to use just one generic user account authorized by the HROK, as well as a centralized register of all signed and canceled consents for sending queries to HROK that is available in all the branch offices.
  • The bank can control and display detailed data on communication with the HROK, as well as query and reply history for the individual client.
  • Forming the reply database and managing the communication with HROK according to default parameters, the bank cuts its expenses and optimizes its business. Implementing the EkoHROK application, the bank indirectly offers its clients an array of benefits.
  • The clients right to privacy is guaranteed, by printing and signing consents prior to sending queries to the HROK and defining authorized persons who will have access to these queries.
  • The bank, creating reporting modules per client requests, has the possibility of tailoring to the client, which in turn results in business optimization and higher competitiveness at the financial market.