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What our users say about Ekobit

Ekobit's expertise and professional staff helps us overcome all obstacles on our path to adopt new platform for our strategic projects. Knowledge of .NET technology as well as Ekobit’s professional approach to problem solving speeded up transition process significantly, helped us to deal efficiently with ever changing dynamic environment and put our company in a very good strategic position.

Branimir Liker
Head of Software Development & Management, Intesa Sanpaolo Card

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb is one of largest bank in Croatia. In our databases we keep some very sensitive data about our customer, their accounts and transactions. Because of that, data secrecy is one of our crucial obligations. Our production database tables (AIX/DB2) are several hundred million records large and we evaluated different solutions primarily for performance and technical feasibility in our environment. The outstanding performance of BizDataX was above our expectations. It uses intermediate database, so the masking procedure was quick and had no impact on our target system, while the data merging process was fast and predictable.

Marin Stražanac
Head of Software Dev. Dept., Raiffeisenbank

Part of my job is to train other project managers on how to use TFS, the first thing I tell every one of them to do, is buy TeamCompanion. Its seamless integration with Outlook, Excel and Project saves me precious time each and every day. From creating work items directly from email requests, to creating Outlook appoints directly from a TFS Work Item, to sending the results of a query to an Outlook email, TeamCompanion is the missing link between TFS and Outlook. I saw ROI on TeamCompanion after just 1 day!

Brian Cronin
Partner, Senior Project Manager, Hedgehog Dev. LLC

TeamCompanion brings even more 'team-ness' into Team Foundation Server. By tying Outlook with TFS, TeamCompanion bridges the collaboration of stakeholder and development worlds. It’s a great idea.

Sam Guckenheimer
Group Product Planner, Visual Studio Product Line, Microsoft

Ekobit's team high expertise and constructive approach gave our goal a considerable boost. In cooperation with them we improved our development process and product quality. And after a short time Ekobit became an integral and indispensable part of our team.

Marko Šatrak
Product Manager, ABB

AVL is the world's largest independent company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines, and related instrumentations/test systems. Ekobit excellence in .Net/advanced GUI/WPF immensely helped us to innovate complex application for creation and real time visualization of multidimensional step sequences. Cooperation with Ekobit was for us quite instructive and successful case of creative synergy in SW development.

Srđan Katušić
Head of Development, AVL-AST d.o.o., Instrumentation and Test Systems

Ekobit’s excellence in .NET and Sharepoint technologies proved to be of exceeding and long lasting value to us in more than one venture. All Ekobit’s deliveries were exceptional in quality and robustness while still comfortably well within required timetables.

Zdravko Bogdanić
Application Development Director, Pliva - Teva Group

We are very happy we found this tool from Ekobit. It is the perfect solution, as it solves many problems, starting with the missing HTML feature (that even TFS did not solve). It beautifully integrates e-mail and Outlook with Team Foundation Server and that makes TeamCompanion the single best thing you can do to improve your project communication with developers and clients.

Adam Cogan
MS ALM MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, SSW

TeamCompanion is a must-have tool for everyone who works heavily with Work Items in TFS. Finally you have e-mail and work item communication in one tool and you can use Outlooks rich grouping and searching capabilities to organize your work items as well.

Neno Loje
Visual Studio ALM MVP

Team Foundation Server and Ekobit helped us to achieve more agility in application development with less manual effort, as well as easier reporting, earlier issue escalation and less process errors – that is what we see and feel from the IT side. But more importantly, being an internal service provider, our users at the business side gained transparent insight into the development of solutions for their problems and needs, and smoother cooperation with us.

Siniša Pleše
IT Manager, Erste & Steiermärkische Bank

My job, like many others, require me to use both Outlook and Team Foundation Server. TeamCompanion breaks down the walls between Outlook and TFS, by providing a nice, seamless integration. To put it simply, it saves me time … several times a day. Love it!

Gregg Boer
Principal Program Manager, TFS, Work Item Tracking, Microsoft

APIS IT provides IT services to different public sector organizations in Croatia, like state tax and customs administration and the City of Zagreb. IT systems in use by our customers collect tons of sensitive information which needs to be masked before further use in the process of software developmet and testing. We've worked with BizDataX to mask a database containing data about health care providers in the City of Zagreb. The results were more than satisfactory, masked data was de-identified while it remained useful for secondary usage. Masking worked well despite the fact that we have had to deal with complex interdependencies among different information systems.

Helena Pezer
Business Analyst, APIS IT

Case studies

Ekobit advances development process of Hrvatski Telekom, major Croatian Telecommunication Provider

In June 2011, Ekobit implemented Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS) together with TeamCompanion, Ekobit’s product for connection of TFS with Microsoft Outlook client. It was an important implementation in Hrvatski Telecom (HT), which is Croatian major provider of telecommunications services, that has begun with complex development process of a business support billing solution who prepare around 1.2 million invoices monthly for subscribers of fixed network phone services. It was a huge development project of highest importance that needed highly efficient and productive environment. Microsoft TFS together with TeamComapanion has been recognized as best application and lifecycle management solution which serves as the baseline for HT’s entire development process. With their implementation, HT’s development process has been advanced and has significantly improved its efficiency. Developers started to get better traceability, real-time status, and better release management by using this application lifecycle management solution (ALM). With TeamCompanion, which easily connects TFS with Microsoft Outlook, project statuses become easily communicated and delivered. Team members started to receive updates through Microsoft Office— a tool they use every day, with better transparency, flow of information and control of entire collaboration process within Team Foundation Server.

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FEi Systems achieves CMMI using TeamCompanion

Already working at capacity, the Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services (WITS) project team at FEi Systems had to meet the stringent requirements for Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) certification with few, if any, additional resources. The team achieved this by optimizing its use of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, and adopting TeamCompanion from Ekobit to access Team Foundation Server 2010 from Microsoft Outlook 2010—including the ability to easily capture email threads in its project repository. This helped the WITS team to achieve CMMI certification with minimal effort and disruption. Moreover, the team’s efforts over the past 18 months have also delivered a 15 to 20 percent increase in productivity, improved visibility into project status, end-to-end traceability, and the capacity to support additional business growth with existing resources.

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KDD uses Ekobit's TeamCompanion and TFS

Established in 1995, Central Securities Clearing Corporation Ljubljana (hereinafter referred to as KDD d. d.) provides central securities custody services, clearance and settlement of securities transactions and maintenance of the central registry of holders of dematerialized securities in Slovenia. KDD's founders and shareholders are banks, stockbroking firms, fund management companies, government funds and issuers. The company's key issue before this implementation was the lack of an automated development process. The lack of a unified development environment and appropriate tools reduced the productivity and efficiency of the entire development team. The new solution - a combination of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Team Foundation Server 2010 and TeamCompanion, provided by KDD’s partner Ekobit d.o.o. – ensures that KDD now uses a standardized and optimized Application Lifecycle Management platform.

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