Helping you define, develop, integrate and operate your enterprise applications. The services portfolio is built upon men/decades of experience in project management, development and integration of complex IT systems. Our mission is to maximize your business value by enabling your teams to implement high quality products and solutions on time and within the budget.

ALM Consulting

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services will help you to better define, develop and operate your enterprise applications.

ALM consulting services are a key part of our services portfolio for enterprise and medium level customers. Its objective is to derive the maximum business value from the software development process.

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Custom development

Ekobit makes great products with great developer teams. Wouldn’t you like to use some of these developers for your own enterprise level applications?

Custom software development service covers a variety of platforms and programming languages, including C#, C++, ASP.NET and mobile platforms like iOS, Android and WP8, to name a few.

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Portals Solutions

Build enterprise portals using our SharePoint Server specialists.

For complex SharePoint-based enterprise portals you need not just outstanding technical skills and experience, but also business oriented SharePoint experts that will understand your business context and goals.

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Integration services

Ekobit offers integration services based on BizTalk Server to establish enterprise level SOA solutions in your organization.

Integration (EAI/B2B/B2C) projects are usually very complex not just because of the various stakeholders involved, but because of different isolated, heterogeneous systems that should be orchestrated into a Management Information System (MIS). Our certified and experienced experts will help to establish and maintain BizTalk Server-based enterprise integration and SOA solutions at optimal cost.

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We provide trainings and workshops for all our products and services.

Our unwavering desire to learn and many years of experience have resulted in exceptional knowledge of certain technologies we want to share with our users through technology courses.

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