Faster time to market and continuous flow of value

Application Lifecycle Management services help you adopt modern ALM practices and advance the way you define, develop and operate your enterprise applications. We guarantee you a successful journey towards a continuous delivery.

Modern application lifecycle management extends beyond management, development, testing and operations to incorporate a full set of agile lifecycle practices that integrate teams and functions, eliminate waste, and reduce cycle times across every aspect of the software development process. The majority of typical delivery impediments are fully eliminated and teams succeed in delivering continued value with software, from initial requirements to production operations. By embracing a set of ALM practices which suits your needs, you will rapidly reduce your operational costs and achieve a faster time to market, while increasing the engagement and satisfaction of your customers.

ALM consulting services are a key part of our services portfolio for enterprise and medium level customers. Our objective is to help you extract the maximum business value from your software development process.

Ognjen Bajic, ALM senior consultant and ALM MVP

Get the best from your new ALM practices

The process of capturing clear and actionable requirements will become much easier and you will significantly reduce your requirements definition cycle time. This way, you will shorten your release cycles and deploy software that meets user and value expectations more precisely.

Agile management and development practices will help you keep a constant eye on your user requirements and achieve end-to-end traceability. By establishing the continuous testing, continuous delivery and continues feedback cycle, you will better balance velocity and quality. You will deliver operations-ready software, which runs under the supervision of various production diagnostics tools. You can additionally integrate your development and operations incident management systems and reduce the mean time to repair in your production environment.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services

Depending on your current development tools and practices, the introduction of ALM practices based on Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio can range from major changes to smaller adjustments in the way you produce and deliver software solutions. Our approach is fully based on your needs and our primary goal is to help you easily transition to the new environment. You will work with our technology experts with a broad range of experience in various industry fields, who constantly specialize in all aspects of modern ALM.

The comprehensive set of our services includes:

  • An assessment of your current environment
  • A proposal of the technical and strategic roadmap for improvement
  • Short and long term projections of benefits gained from the introduction of various levels of ALM practices
  • Installation and customization of the TFS tools and processes
  • Customized training and coaching suited for your management, development and operational roles
  • Support and maintenance after deployment

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